How much is a used desk?

The price of a used desk can easily be accessed online through a quick Google search. If you are buying furniture offline, then it’s prudent to compare with those of pieces online. This will give you a rough estimate as to what you are going to pay.

As a rule of thumb, most used desk sellers fix their prices at 70 percent to 80 percent of the original price. This largely depends on how long the furniture has been in use. So if you are doing modern office design with a used desk, find out how much it cost when new. This will guide you on what you will pay for the used desk.

Most of the time, the condition of the used desk is a good guide to its price. Don’t pay lots of money off the desk looks dilapidated. After all, there is no reason why you should inflate the cost of modern office design.

The rate of depreciation of used furniture is about 5 percent per year. Based on this, you should expect to buy a ten-year-old used desk at only 50 percent of the original cost. The material used to make the furniture is also a great guide.

Regardless of what factors you look at, ensure you negotiate for the lowest possible price.

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